Signina is a Swiss based advisory firm specializing in water infrastructure projects in North America. 

Established in 2006.

Our team engages in overall project management, defining local partners and management, finance structuring, client advising and deal sourcing. 

Our clients include European institutional investors, single family offices, impact investors and small to mid-cap enterprises.
We define water infrastructure as hydro-power, wastewater treatment and industrial re-use of water.
Building on many years of experience in the water infrastructure sector, Signina has established a strong network of key water analysts, management teams, regulatory specialists and local municipalities. We leverage the totality of these combined skills and experience to accompany our investors in this niche sector. Water infrastructure is a slow moving industry with established technology. We take advantage of its low risk profile to structure attractive and tangible real asset portfolios. The avoidance of greenfield projects increases transparency and delivers realistic return projections.
m³ of Disinfected Water 
(based on the 2023 yearly capacity of installed UV units)
m³ of Treated Water
(based on the 2023 yearly installed wastewater treatment capacity)
litres of Greenhouse Recycled Water
(since the beginning of June of 2024)
kilograms of Greenhouse Lettuce Produced
(since the beginning of June of 2024)
People on the Ground in the US and Canada
Contracts in
Large US
Million USD worth
of Active Projects



Increasingly our investors have an ESG and impact driven focus.

Our report highlights SDGs, ICMA green bond criteria and future ESG legislations and risks.

Water has the highest common link to all other SDGs.

Green Bonds and impact investments link directly to SDGs and individual ESG targets.

Due to the lack of greenfield projects and with water in the center, we generate an automatic positive ESG effect.

Signina has built a tailor-made platform to meet our clients needs. With our partner structure in Canada and US we are building careers for young professionals in this highly specialized sector. We strive to support and incentivize our affiliates and partners to generate a long-term success story. 

Our track record since 2006 is testimony to that commitment. Signina sources deals from within the industry and has a business set up that aligns with our projects longevity.

Our Signina team in Zürich is looking forward to working with you.

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