Signina is a Swiss based advisory firm,
specializing in water infrastructure
projects in North America.
We define Water infrastructure as 
hydro-power, waste-water treatment 
and industrial re-use of water.
People on the Ground in the US and Canada
Contracts in
Large US
Million USD worth
of Active Projects
Building on its many years of experience in the water infrastructure sector, Signina has established a strong network of key water analysts, management teams, and regulatory contacts, including a specialist currently advising the United Nations on its global water strategy. 

These skills and competencies have been used to draw up a compelling investment strategy and offer projects covering the most interesting and profitable subsectors in the water infrastructure market.


This video will demonstrate how we implement environmentally friendly waste-water systems in Ontario, Canada. While saving costs for the municipalities and still being advantageous from an environmental impact point of view, we pride ourselves in choosing the right partners to implement and complete our projects.


This video demonstrates the variety of water related topics covered in the US. It introduces our joint-venture partners on the ground. It shows our different projects and operations we have invested in.
• Report shows link between UN SDGs, ICMA Green Bond Criteria and future ESG legislation.

• Different Investors have different targets and the report serves many purposes.

• Our projects will also feature in our Quarterly Water Report.

• Water infrastructure has an automatic and positive ESG outcome.

• Every year the ESG world seems to see exponential growth. 

• We are driven by our investors’ rules.

Increasingly our investors have an ESG and impact driven focus.

Green Bonds as a bridge to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Climate Bonds Initiative investigated the SDGs and concluded so far the biggest common denominator for all
SDGs is SDG 6: 


It has the most overlap into the other SDGs.

Our Signina team in Zurich is looking forward to working with you.

Photography, Video + Design by BOGNER